Omega 3.6.9

Biotechnology derived peptide compound.

Plants rich in Omega 3.6.9 and vitamins, refining facial contour with natural remodeling without wrinkles for a compact glossy face

Active peptide technology

Active peptide technology has been recognized in the medical field as a combination of amino acids to enhance the secretion of collagen and mucopolysaccharide, repair reticular tissue, deep nourishing and lock in moisture for continuous hydration


Integrative medicinal and CAM, natural complementary therapies Sub-health products. Plant’s fat essence extract to relieve stiff muscles, relieve body aches.


stimulate the autonomic nervous system, endocrine cells regulate and coordinate body functions –enhancing wellness.

4th Gen Whitening Care

into the fourth-generation, protease (enzyme), whitening care

Hierarchical biotechnology – penetration, absorption, diffusion, oxygenation

Acne Products

Modern technology, yeast extract (enzyme) new formula to combat acne

New Renewal Treatment

New Renewal Treatment
Bi-directional Breakdown
Strengthen fatty acid, reproduce & renewal

Fat loss products

Fat loss products do not rebound, slimming Series

The use of botulinum base, mitochondria, a gland, will burnt fats into energy