b. Slimming Series

Do You Know…
Our weight begin to increase silently from as early as 25 years old!!

Making flexible adjustments & coordination during the course of the slimming program is important & essential to enhance the progress to combat ‘fats memory’ to achieve optimum results. Start your Healthy x Slim Program with ORTUS today & achieve the Perfect Body Contour of your desire.

According to Biology studies, humans are the only ones conscious of the existence of the surrounding & will sub-consciously react, response & defense according to external stimulations & chemical changes. Fat cells in our body provides energy based on our needs, however, these fat cells will accumulate continuously & its size may be increased by as much as 27-30 times resulting to mal-circulation & slowed lymphatic circulation. Like all living organism, the human body produces chemical waste which is toxic & has to be excreted out from the body. With age, hormone imbalance often result to localize obesity, muscle-aches, sensitive skin & and in some serious cases…illness.

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