Body Treatments


Enhanced Slimming Programme

• Safe and Natural
• Combat 'fats' memory
• NO Rebound
• Healthy and Balanced Diet
Refine, reshape and achieve beautiful contour with the effective elimination of excessive water, toxins and improve cellulite condition; through the combination of fat molecules and Glaucine which enters the cells' combustion chamber efficiently stimulating positive circulation.
Recommended for: Partial / full body; arms, abdomen, thighs, buttocks.

Robust Treatment

Unique treatment developed to work synergistically with the women's Menstrual Cycle. During the peak secretion of estradiol (hormones responsible for breast development);

Robust Synergy Massage enhances the transport of hormones to the breasts, triggers fatty cells in the breast to absorb the fatty particles in the blood plasma which enables breast development; attaining fuller, firmer and beautiful bust line.

Recommended for: Breasts with sagging, drooping, losing elasticity

Arms & Hand Treatment

Attain nourished, firmed and radiant soft skin with this pampering treatment. Exfoliate dead cells and roughness gently. Achieve optimum results with detoxification wrapping for both hands promotes metabolism to enhance whitening and firming of the hands.
Recommended for: Dull and rough hands, skin with uneven tone and pigment.

Stretch Mark Treatment

Specifically targeted at post-natal stretch marks, skin patterns, atrophy marks; repair broken fibrous tissues, increase skin's elasticity tissues, prevent condition from deteriorating while nourishes and restore skin's elasticity and luster.

Recommended for: Post-natal stretch marks, atrophy marks (due to obesity) at hips and thighs.

Back Treatment

Treatment formulated with premium botanical extracts; effectively purifies and moisturizes skin while removing waste and dead skin cells. Eliminate redness , acne scars, lighten unsightly spots. Instantly unveil a glowing skin tone of satin soft sensation to touch.

Recommended for: Rough and dull skin, skin with acne marks.

Natural Aroma SPA Therapy

The 21st Century of economy-intelligence has brought about civilization and economy success but also severe imbalance of the Body and Mind leading to diseases such as obesity, muscle-ache, skin-sensitivity and constipation, etc. ORTUS lavishes your body with its unique natural source of energy: Sea, Botanics, Essential Oil, Natural Clay. Bringing a sense of unprecedented serenity, stress relief, harmony and relaxation to the busy and hectic urbanite.

Body Scrubs

Perform a thorough body peel at least once a week. Effectively removes rough skin. Revives & improves skin, strengthen metabolism and reveals a soft & healthy glow.

Body Mask

Herbal Treatment is a part of an in-depth skin therapy regime. During the process of body wrapping, smooth blood flow is enabled, hence stimulating skin’s absorption and cell activation, bringing out the softness and glow of your skin.

Body Massage Therapy

People who encounter stress and engage themselves in a competitive lifestyle, will usually have stiff muscles around the shoulder. Pinch along the shoulder and neck muscles, if it feels stiff and hard, this is the sign to relax yourself.