Satin Body Oil



  • Carrot Seed Oil
    Excellent oil for body purification. Enhance the function and vitality of the organs, liver detoxification, clear bowel flatulence, release moisture retention.
  • Citronellol
    Which is an excellent efficacy of muscle pain, relaxing muscles, eliminate lactic acid and promote circulation thereby relieving tired feet.
  • Citral
    An excellent tonic for the circulatory system and unobstructed blood flow, usually used to lower blood pressure, relieving the pressure on varicose veins; stimulating white blood cells and activate the immune system.
  • Sun Flower seed oil
    Rich in Vitamin E, a natural anti-oxidant that can be easily absorbed by the skin. Has great effects of moisture locking and skin softening.
  • Aesculus Hippocestanum
    Scientist discover Horse Chestnut contain Aescin that can repair bruise, blood clog, localize swollen and varicose veins, promote expansion and contraction.


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