Biosaccharide Treatment

Bio-Cellulose Treatment Mask is a 100% pure organic ultra-fine fiber mask obtained by natural fermentation of coconut milk. This mask is characterized by a close fit to the face. When used, it forms a protective film that is in close contact with the skin aiding to soothe and moisturize while strengthening the penetration of the skin so that every inch of the skin is able to fully absorb the nutrients in the mask.

ORTUS Biosaccharide Treatment contains:
5pcs 5ml Biosaccharide Treatment Serum
3pcs Biosaccharide Mask A1
2pcs Biosaccharide Mask W2.

Biosaccharide Mask A1 (x3)
· Restore skin elasticity and firmness
· Help to protect epidermal stem cells energy
· Prevent or reverse cell damages caused by radicals
· Delay senescence of essential cells to combat chronological aging

Biosaccharide Mask W2 (x2)
· Suppress the activity of tyrosine
· Renewal of cells to prevent skin from darkening
· Protect the skin from being oxidized
· Lighten scars and get rid of dark and yellow spots
· Even and radiant skin tone

Biosaccharide Treatment Serum (x5)
Rich in various vitamins. Effectively control the oxidation of lipids on the epidermis. When used, a transparent and elastic membrane is formed on skin immediately, and a velvetly smooth and radiant skin ensues.

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