About Quorum SRL

quorum SRL

Quorum SRL is based in Vicenza, Italy. It boasts a highly organized administrative structure, state-of-the-art laboratories, collaborating with research institution SOCIETA AGRICULTURAL COOPERATIVE, renowned for its innovative research & developments of active ingredients in medicinal botany. ORTUS is actively in collaboration with the Italy contingent on the latest trends and market information on specific needs of contemporary women.

ORTUS Steps Into New Frontier

Breakthrough creation of ORTUS comes about in 1997. Retaining the sophisticated characteristics of organic pollutants-free botanics and combining modern science Nano-technology, micro-liposome penetrating technology complimenting with skin biological cytology, uncovers the remarkably effectiveness of products working in the skin. Comforting pleasure & luxurious indulgence of beauty products hallmarks the impeccable attention of countless researches, strict testings and formulas.

Always taking a step ahead and continuously being indifferent to others in pursuit of developing products beyond the norm fulfilling the desire of Safe · High Efficacy.