Effective Extraction of Plants Active Ingredients

Working with passionate botanists, constantly in search and identifying the best-performing plant and in-depth understanding of active ingredients validated by scientific studies and recognition.

Stringent 'N' Innovative Formula

Product of perfect formula is a challenge of intuition, creativity and technology. Every detail is of its importance. From ingredients, solubility, stability, color, taste, texture to the ratio of active ingredient used has to be millimeter perfect. Continued testing efforts and quality control are important contribution in making sure of the efficacy and safety of ORTUS products specially dedicating to the countless analysis and strict control over biology, chemical and bacteriological evaluation.

Research & analysis base on skin's cytology (In-depth physiology cellular study & analysis)

Vitro efficacy tests are done when selecting key ingredients for our formula. They vary according to what is being tested. Different cultures are used to evaluate the effectiveness of different treatment ingredients.

Safe-usage testing follows a strict procedure. We evaluate our products studying skin cells' morphology, metabolism and vital functions. To ensure optimum tolerance, our studies are carried out on regenerated cutaneous cultures.

Stringent Clinical Test

Following a strict methodology and ultra-performing techniques, every product is carefully tested before, during and after the clinical test. Only when the results demonstrate optimal effectiveness and satisfy perfect tolerance level, will works be carried to the next level.

High Tech manufacturing & packaging

Adhering strictly to the laboratory's procedure, the order of ingredients, temperature, mixing time, rest time - everything is verified, regulated and automated for a flawless result.