About ORTUS Skin Solution

Our humble journey begins in 1986 when Mr Patrick Tan, Director of ORTUS Asia Pacific, paved the runway of Asia market with his discern foresight identifying the potential of Innovative Organic Skin Care from Italy.

ORTUS products uses only the finest & purest active ingredients from 100% pure Natural Plant Extracts. High quality · Safe · No artificial colourings & chemical preservatives skin solution are the fundamental CORE motto of ORTUS. Elegant & quintessential surroundings of 2000-metres above sea-level, isolated from environmental pollutions, pure spring water & soil. ORTUS endows NO fertilizers & pesticides, and practices the most original way of cultivation & harvesting methods to preserve the purity & vitality of botanics.

High quality · Safe · No side effects skin solution has been ORTUS Corporate Vision for the past 20 years. Fulfilling and ultimate oasis and upholding the relentless pursuit, love and quest for perfect skin.

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